ProHealth Specialist Clinic
Hercegovacka 13, 11000 Belgrade

ProHealth provides healthcare services of physical medicine, rheumatology and long-term therapeutic care with an emphasis on active management of acute problems and pain, such as discomfort of the spine and joints, vertebrae hernia, osteoporosis and other related problems. We have trained therapists who offer the most up-to-date methods in therapeutic care, including magnets, lasers, electrostimulation therapies, as well as medical massages. We also offer our patients screening and therapy services in the field of general medicine and pediatrics.

The medical team is lead by doc. dr sc. med Slavica Eremić, one of the leading physicians and experts in the field of physical medicine in Serbia. She has nearly 40 years of experience, working in leading medical positions at the Institute for Orthopedic Prosthetics of the Clinical Center of Serbia and most recently in MediGroup, where she led physical medicine and rehabilitation departments.

We also have professional therapists, as well as pediatrics and general practitioners.

ProHealth specijalistička klinika Beograd

ProHealth's philosophy is based on offering the world's best experiences in the field of diagnostics and overall treatments patients in Serbia.

Our founder and chief executive,to Luiza Waldrick Eremic, has many years of international experience from the United States, Brazil and other countries in the management and development of medical institutions

ProHealth recognized the opportunity to connect the experience of leading Serbian doctors with international methods of working in holistic patent care and conducting the entire therapeutic process..

The desire to apply this philosophy is infused into every step of what we do at ProHealth, from the design of our clinic and premises, to the training and professionalism of our doctors, therapists and management, and this contributes to a dedicated approach to the long-term needs of our patients.

What makes ProHealth different?


A complete focus on the overall health needs of the patient, by doctors and the entire medical staff.


Our team of physicians and medical staff has decades of experience and knowledge in diagnostics, therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation.


We are located in the new central location of the city in Belgrade Waterfront, with easy access and parking nearby.