Post Covid treatments are a new type of rehabilitation, after prolonged infection with Covid 19.

To date, it has been established that in the most severe cases, the disease leaves consequences on the lungs and heart, and possible consequences on other organs (kidneys, thyroid gland, etc.). That is why the recovery process after a prolonged infection is very important, which must be gradual.

As a result of inactivity and infection of vital organs, the locomotor system suffers the fastest, muscles atrophy and the strength of the whole body decreases. Also, exhaustion, lassitude and shortness of breath were observed, which persist several months after the illness.

After a detailed examination by a physiatrist and certain necessary laboratory and diagnostic procedures, the treatment protocol is prepared.

Kinesitherapy represents one of the strongest weapons when the acute phase of the disease ends and when the resulting consequences are treated.

The exercises with the best effects on the heart and lungs are breathing exercises and specific physical training of the patient, the performance of which is controlled by a physiotherapist. Their goal is to reduce shortness of breath, increase lung capacity and eliminate early fatigue. Exercises are adapted to the level of physical ability of the patient.

The service includes

  • Examination by a specialist doctor
  • Measuring blood pressure and pulse
  • Pulse oximetry
  • EKG
  • Ultrasound of the heart
  • Complete physical examination
  • Laboratory analyzes (blood and urine analysis)
  • Antitela Igg i Igm
  • Rapid antigen test
  • Post covid rehabilitation
  • Vitamin intravenous infusion (supporting the body in recovering from Covid infections)

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