Post Covid Rehabilitation

Post Covidtreatments are a new form of rehabilitation, following a recovery from a Covid infection.

To date, the disease has been found to have consequences on the lungs and heart, and possible consequences on other organs (kidneys, thyroid, etc.) Therefore, the process of recovery after an infection has to be gradual, and is very important.

As a result of inactivity and infection of vital organs, the locomotion system declines the fastest, the muscles atrophy and the strength of the whole body is reduced. Also, exhaustion, malaise and difficulty breathing were observed, lasting several months after the disease.

After a thorough examination by the physician and certain necessary laboratory and diagnostic procedures, the preparation of treatment protocols is generated.

Kinesitherapy is one of the best approaches when the acute stage of the disease stops and the consequences are treated.

Exercises with the best effects on the heart and lungs are breathing exercises and specific physical training of a patient whose performance is controlled by a physiotherapist. They aim to reduce difficulty breathing, increase lung capacity and eliminate early fatigue. The exercises are adjusted to the patient's physical ability.

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